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Fun Activities for Toddlers

5 Simple Sensory Play Ideas

Sensory play is essentially any activity that involves the child’s senses: taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing. Often combining the use of multiple senses, this form of play helps children develop these senses and also encourages children to think critically.

4 Unplugged Indoor Activities for Energetic Toddlers

During the toddler years there is never a dull moment, or a private one for that matter. With a little imagination you can include your best little buddy in your daily routine and get some work done, too. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Activities for Toddlers

We are sure that you will have a ton of fun with your 2-year-old with these activities, and they are sure to inspire many hours of creative play.

Nutrition Activities for Toddlers

As more children face health struggles, due to poor diets and lack of exercise, it is important that we reach out about nutrition. These fun activities will help toddlers learn about the importance of nutrition.

Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

These fun outdoor activities will enhance your toddler's development and we are pretty sure that you will enjoy getting outside in the fresh air for a little al fresco fun.

Art Activities for Toddlers

As toddler grows, he will be more inquisitive about materials and textures, means that art activities for children are essential. Check out Art Activities for Toddlers for more.

5 Play Ideas that Give Parents a Breather

Summer's here and you need a break already! Here are some independent play ideas that have worked well in my family.

An Introduction to Sensory Play

Sensory play is the process of stimulating your child's senses, through structured activities and play. Each play session can be designed to bring alive one or more of the five senses; sight, taste, touch, smell and sound.

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